A Place to Be

Is a monthly creative arts evening of spoken word, dance, music and song, all embracing the themes of belonging, identity and inclusion. The aim of A Place to Be is to provide a safe space for people from every walk of life especially those who may feel excluded because of their skin colour, sexual orientation, age, culture or mental health issues.

 A Place to Be is organised by the GOWC and hosted by Sharon Murphy. There will be two guest artists performing each month and Sharon, a professional singer/songwriter will perform on a monthly base. Come, listen, and share. All artistic contributions are welcome, especially original material. If you are interested in performing please contact Sharon Murphy at  091 530590/antiracism@galwayowc.org


Our next performance will be Thursday 12th September,  6.00pm -7.30 pm at Amnesty International Café, Galway, 2/3 Middle Street.  All welcome, free event.

Line up for Thursday 12th September 

Sharon Murphy will be the host of A Place to Be  and will also perform. Sharon is a singer/song writer whose music could be described as Irish -Soul folk music with reggae influences due to Sharon’s Caribbean heritage.

Rosanna Mc Cafferty

Rosanna Mc Cafferty has lived in Galway for over 20 years, though originally from Belfast.  She is a working mum with an 8 year old son called Ultán, married to Laurence.  She enjoys singing informally and likes to attempt painting occasionally.

Moya Roddy

Moya Roddy is a writer and meditation facilitator. She feels the two complement each other as it is necessary to make the inward journey of knowing oneself in order to be able to reach out and touch others. She has published a novel The Long Way Home as well as numerous short stories and has written for television, film, stage and radio. She will read from her collection Other People together with some poems.