A Place to Be – Free Event

place to be
Galway One World Centre invites you to A Place to Be, a free, monthly creative arts evening of spoken word, dance, music and song, embracing the themes of belonging, identity and inclusion.  

Our next performance will be Thursday August 8th, 6.00pm – 7.30pm at Amnesty International Café, Galway, 2/3 Middle Street.

Sharon Murphy

Sharon, the host for the evening, is a singer/song writer whose music could be described as Irish -Soul folk music with reggae influences due to Sharon’s Caribbean heritage.

Our two guest performers are Patricia Begley and Prionsais Nicdhonncha

Patricia Begley

For many years now Patricia Begley has been writing to simply live.  Not to live in a trudge through hours and days and years, but to live each moment ransomed by joy, curiosity, love.  To experience the intimacy of time’s gift, to eat one dinner a day each day, every sip and morsel a delicious glory, in addition to and supplementing all that came before and all still yet to come.   Patricia will read a piece entitled ‘Belonging’.

Prionsais Nicdhonncha 

Prionsais comes from a long line of Connemara people. Her parents and grandparents taught her the traditional songs, tunes and poetry. This tradition is called “Sean Nos” meaning “Old Way”. Sean Nos is still alive and well amongst the people of the various Gaeltachtai in this country. Prionsais will be singing Sean Nos.

For further information, please contact Sharon Murphy on:  0879964504