Older People/The Forgotten Voices in Development

Age Action, in cooperation with the Galway One World Centre are currently offering a workshop in Galway, which will focus on the situations of older people in Ireland and how they compare to those in other countries. Can we share not only our experience of what it means to be older in countries as diverse as Ireland, but also build solidarity across the globe on common aims? What universally accepted goals and rights deal with older people and how can we ensure that they are upheld in Ireland and elsewhere?

Date: April 5th (Subject to Interest)

Time: 11am-1pm

Venue: Westside Resource Centre, Galway

For booking and further information, please contact:

Charlotte Kelly (Ageing & Development Programme) Age Action Ireland  

Tel: 01 4756989/0857808335 Fax: 01 4756011 | Email: ckelly@ageaction.ie | Website: www.ageaction.ie